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Analysis Phase - ADDIE

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A - Analyze

+ Analyze is the first phase of ADDIE ISD model. However, as with all phases of ADDIE, analysis can be done anywhere in the process.   In the analysis phase an instructional developer must identify needs, objectives, content and analyze the audience by asking several questions:

+ Who is the audience?   If instructional media and technology are to be used effectively, there must be a match between the characteristics of the learner and the content.   Some factors to consider are general characteristics and learning styles.

+ What does the audience need to learn?   Goals and objectives are the learning outcomes expected or what new capabilities should the learner possess at the completion of the instruction.   Goals are broad statements of purpose that consist of one or more objectives. Objectives are specific statements of what is expected and ensure proper evaluation.

+ What information is already known?   A "need" is the difference between the actuals and the optimals. Conducting a needs assessment will help to identify the "need."   Another way the developer finds the information required is through interviews with various individuals.

+ What instructional strategies will you use?   One strategy does not fit all.  Students have many different learning styles.   Instructional strategies consider the variables and what will be required to motivate students to learn. When analyzing the audience, the designer will need to identify the learning needs of the students in order to develop instruction that will be effective.

+  What are the project timeline and milestones?   Project management is important so that all the tasks are complete timely and efficiently.   Project management begins with the analysis phase.

+ What are the delivery options?   There are a variety of delivery options to help delivery instruction to students such as Web, CD, Hyperstudio, Director, Book, etc.  The analysis phase will be where the developer begins to think about how the instruction can and should be delivered.

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