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Development Phase - ADDIE

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D - Develop

+ Development is the third phase of ADDIE ISD model.  However, as with all phases of ADDIE, the development phase can be done anywhere in the process.   In the development phase, developers make the decisions of "how" to do the project.  In this phase the developer is not asking questions anymore they are answering them.

+ Specify step-by-step plan of action of the proposed project and how learning will take place.  In the design phase the developer created an outline that identified the tasks, strategies and sequencing of the project or instruction.  In the development phase this outline will turn into specific step-by-step details.

+ Assign Roles and Responsibilities.  It is significant that the developer ensures that all responsibilities are clear, the lines of communication remain open and the workflow stays smooth.  Organization and planning are very important to a systematic process.

+ Assemble Hardware and Software.  In the design phase the developer identified the availability of media and the restrictions of use.  In the development phase the developer is going to gather all the materials, ensure they are working properly, appropriate to the instruction or project and as work as originally intended.

+ Prepare Documentation.  Support documentation is important during development and testing and far into the future, long after everyone who originally worked on the project or instruction has gone.

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