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Evaluation Phase - ADDIE

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E - Evaluate

+ Evaluation is technically the fifth and last phase of ADDIE ISD model.   However, evaluation is actually an ongoing activity that is conducted throughout all the phases. A developer does not want to spend all that time working on an instruction or project to find out it failed in the end. In the analysis phase evaluation was to determine if there was a problem or there is an existing solution. In the design phase, the objectives were evaluated to determine the type of project or instruction. The project is routinely evaluated by the developers and testers to ensure it is meeting the requirements. Implementation may seem like the final test but in the evaluation phase, the developer begins to ask questions again looking into the future.

+ Did the instruction work?   Evaluation consists of two types, formative and summative evaluation. Formative evaluation is part of each proceeding phase and determines effectiveness and quality of each stage. Summative evaluation consists of tests for criterion-related referenced items and provides opportunity for feedback from the users and assesses learner outcomes. Summative evaluation is the type of evaluation performed in this phase of ADDIE.

+ Did the audience achieve the project objectives?   The process of collecting data following implementation of the project is to determine the effectiveness of the instruction or project and ensure that it and satisfies the instructional objectives. To measure effectiveness a developer needs data. Data is present in all forms. To know what type of data you need, you first need to understand data. 

+ Was the project effective for the audience or how can the training project be further improved?   Complete analysis provides feedback. Evaluation may measure knowledge transfer, learner outcomes, cost factors, and learner attitude.  

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