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Implementation Phase - ADDIE

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I - Implement

+ Implementation is the fourth phase of ADDIE ISD model.  However, as with all phases of ADDIE, implementation can be done anywhere in the process.   This is the phase where everything comes together and the intended audience receives the project or instruction.  Planning for implementation is important.  After all the analysis, design and development the team has done so far it would be terrible if the instruction or project fails due to poor implementation.

+ Prepare Learner Environment.   Ensure the workstations have the appropriate access to the newly developed instruction or project and that users are provided with logins and passwords to gain access if necessary.  Check that there are enough materials or handouts and that the "easily overlooked" issues are resolved, like enough seating, comfortable temperature, proper lighting and etc.  Last but not least ensure there is plenty of technical support!

+ Prepare Learners.   For many learners a technology-integrated course is a new and different concept. Preparing the learner to operate in this type of environment is important. Learners should be informed on the use the hardware, software, best practices and common ethics in this field.

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