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Collaborative Tools

Google docs - Upload your files from your desktop: It's easy to get started and it's free! Access anywhere: Edit and view your docs from any computer or smart phone. Share your work: Real-time collaboration means work gets done more quickly.
Vyew - Conduct Free-always-on collaboration plus live web conferencing. Vyew is a new and powerful platform for real-time and always-on interaction between people and content. Vyew's clear-view workspaces enable a transparent collaboration flow with content. Review the past, work together in the present and prepare for the future.
Showdocument - A file sharing and online document review service that allows users to work together with any document including PDF, Word, Power Point, jpg files. Elearning, online training and work meetings use this service.
Webnote - a tool to take notes quickly during a meeting, class, or any other time that you have a web browser available. You start by creating a workspace and creating notes in the workspace. You can save your workspace at any time and return to them from the same computer or any other computer. You can also share your notes with others by providing the workspace name (or url) to a friend.
Twiducate - Social Networking for schools - twitter for your class. Create an online community for your classroom. Share inspiration, ideas, reading, thoughts. Post discussions, deadlines, homework. Instantly create surveys for students. Keep parents informed of daily projects.
Swirrl - An easy to use, yet powerful, hosted wiki service that has all the features you'd expect from a wiki, plus powerful database-like features to help you organize your information. Squirrl allows your team to store, share, edit and analyze information.
Shoutmix - A widget that allows you to interact with others instantly. Add live chat capabilities to your website today. Get instant feedback and great user interaction with our shoutbox chat widget.
PiratePad - A web based word processor that allows pupils and teachers to work together in real time. Each editor is in a different color. An alternative to etherpad. The pad text is synchronized as you type, so that everyone viewing a page sees the same text. This allows seamless collaboration on documents!
Lucidchart - Creating crisp, attractive flow charts for the web or print has never been so fast and easy. Everyone works on a document at the same time. Collaborators get your changes immediately when you save. Share your flow charts as a web page, PDF, or image. Publish an always-updated image of your work. Access anywhere.
Wiggio - Online tool that makes it easy to work in groups, keep a shared calendar, send mass emails, voice and text messages, store and edit files in one folder.

Collaborative Meetings

Flash Meeting - FlashMeeting is an easy to use online meeting application that allows a dispersed group of people to meet from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Typically a meeting is pre-booked by a registered user and a url, containing a unique password for the meeting, is returned by the FlashMeeting server.
Today's Meet - Connect with the room in real-time.. Use the live stream to make comments, ask questions, and use that feedback to tailor your presentation, sharpen your points, and address audience needs.
Scribblar - Create your own free room now and invite others to join you. Real-time multi-user whiteboard. Image upload and sharing. Userlist and text chat. Live audio communications. No downloads required, no user limit
Skype - A very popular tool for video conferencing and sharing desktops.
Dropbox - A great tool for file sharing. Requires loading a tool, but then the Dropbox cloud acts like another drive on your computer.
Google Hangouts - Get work done faster in virtual meetings with powerful tools like screen sharing and Google Drive collaboration.

Collaborative Drawing Boards

Twiddla - Mark up websites, graphics, and photos, or start brainstorming on a blank canvas. Browse the web with your friends or make that conference call more productive than ever. No plug-ins, downloads, or firewall. Draw, use text, upload pdf, word or excel docs. Invite others and communicate by text or audio.
Scriblink - Scriblink is a free digital whiteboard that users can share online in real-time. Sort of like pen and paper, minus the dead trees, plastic, and the inconvenience of being at the same place at the same time.
Thinkature - Thinkature brings the richness of in-person, visual communication to the web by placing instant messaging inside a visual workspace. Use it as a collaboration environment, a meeting room, a personal web-based whiteboard, or something entirely new.