Welcome to EdTech Interconnect

Interconnect is a resource provided by the Instructional Design and Educational Technology (IDET) Master of Science Degree Program at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi. The program is is housed in the College of Education. Information about earning a Masters' degree in this program is available at gradschool.tamucc.edu.

Interconnect is geared toward students, educators, researchers, administrators and other professionals who work in areas such as:

  • technology-based instruction
  • instructional design
  • distance learning
  • multimedia
  • website development

The goal of our site is to promote understanding of applications and theories related to educational technology and instructional design and development. The site provides an intuitive repository that supports the dissemination of knowledge in the field, allowing for the implementation of powerful instructional programs and integration of technology in support of effective teaching and learning.

Users of this site are able to use these materials to expand on new skills, develop the capacity to arrive at more informed decisions, plan strategies, and assess the potential effects of their decisions.  Explore this site then try our Scavenger Hunt.

This repository is a work in progress. Your suggestions for additional resources and your feedback are most welcome.